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Institute of Chartererd Accountants


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Forensics covers a wide variety of work, including providing evidence as an expert accounting witness, acting as a forensic accountant to investigate allegations of fraud and accounting irregularities, and capturing and analysing large amounts of electronic data.

The AGAssociates practice assists organisations and individuals, including their legal advisers, utilising our four major service offerings:

Forensic Accounting
Financial Investigations and Fraud
Business Valuation
Forensic IT

With more than 20 dedicated forensic specialists across the Country, including a number of widely regarded experts, we have one of a significant forensic capabilities.

As a specialist firm, AGAssociates will be free from a conflict of interest issues.As an independent firm, we bring an impartial and fact-based perspective to the complex circumstances which we investigate. We attach the utmost importance to:

  • The ability of our experts to demonstrate true expertise in their field
  • A deep understanding of, and experience in, the provision of expert evidence
  • Having substantial and experienced resources available to undertake large-scale assignments
  • A strong attention to detail and comprehensive quality control to ensure the provision of accurate reports and advice
  • Clarity and objectivity in reporting our findings

Whether you want to sell your business, expand your operations, buy the business you currently manage, or if you are considering floating your company, we can help you to maximise the value you generate from your transaction.

We will help you to identify your strategic options, assist in the execution and post transaction integration and help you to avoid costly pitfalls and delays.

We will give you the right balance of technical expertise, market insight and practical experience that will give you the best chance of completing the deal successfully.

Case Studies

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