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Enhancing Your Business

The following are classic signs of a struggling business. If you are suffering from any of the following you will benefit from our free business review:

  • The Cashflow management is poor and not working to targets.
  • The business lacks direction
  • The business has been making losses for some time and/or insolvent.
  • You no longer enjoy coming into work.
  • The Bank overdraft is constantly over or near its limit
  • You are arrears with PAYE/NI and VAT payments.
  • You are taking extended terms with suppliers
  • Sales have fallen in the last few months
  • Low morale amongst staff and/or good staff are leaving
  • Your bank has informed you that it is going to review facilities and security

If you need a little time or finance, then we can help by:

Talking to your creditors/bankers.
Raising Finance.
And implementing a Turnaround Program. 

We are often presented with what appears to be an unsolvable program, but years of experience and our extensive database of contacts are often able to unlock the most difficult of issues, leaving you free to focus upon your business.

We will also be able to deal with any concerns you may have and by taking early advice and our free business review you will be able to either avoid or limit the potential for becoming personally liable for the debts of the Company and the possibility of becoming disqualified as a director.

Our advice will include:

  • How to raise finance and/or change banks.
  • What meetings to hold and taking appropriate minutes of your decision making.
  • How to assess the company’s situation and keep detailed records of the reasons for your decisions.
  • How to use accurate and up-to-date accounting information to establish the true financial condition.


Case Studies

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