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Rescue and Recovery

We are able to buy sufficient time by implementing appropriate procedures.

We are experts in formal and non-formal arrangements and have undertaken assignments, including Administrations, Company Voluntary Arrangements and Turnaround reports for Banks and the largest Venture Capital Trusts.

Examples of assignments are :

Part –Works Publishing Company:

The Problem: We were instructed by a Venture Capital Fund (“VC”) to advise upon whether they should continue to support a publishing company which specialised in printing and packaging publications. The Company also produced part-works, including a “Walking with Dinosaurs “series. The Company had been provided with a £3 million part equity/loan and a Bank had provided a facility of £750,000 which was secured against book debts of only £250,000. Profits had fallen dramatically, creditors were getting impatient and funds were due to run out at the end of the month.

The Solution: After spending time with the Board we prepared a report which set out a step by step program to turning around the Company:

  • Acknowledgement of the problems and errors.
  • Preparation of a report which analysed the problems and proposed workable solutions deliverable within a three year period.
  • Renegotiations with VC, including a conversion of debt into equity.
  • Conversion of overdraft of £750,000 into a loan.
  • Appoint a new sales director and two other directors resigned.
  • Obtaining of new equity funding of £250,000 to provide further security to the bank.

The Board implemented the program, including a focus upon immediate cash generation targets and the reduction of the burn rate. This lead to the rescue of the Company, continued financial support from the VC  and the injection of business angel finance.

Not all companies can be rescued and in these cases we can help by providing advice and then deal with the liquidation options.


We are often required to advise upon the options available and in the past few years have undertaken over 100 Individual Voluntary Arrangements.

Examples of assignments include:

An individual who was made bankrupt a few months earlier approached AG Associates for help and advice. We were able to negotiate with his creditors and despite having limited monthly surplus income, we were able to ensure that an Individual Voluntary Arrangement was approved. Subsequently, the individual was able to raise over £250,000 unsecured finance to launch his business.


Case Studies

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